Schubin & Isaacs has over 30 years of experience in assisting people in the acquisition of homes. There are multitudes of state and federal statutes making transnational real estate a highly standardized process; hours upon hours of paperwork is never uncommon. Developing and negotiating a binding legal Contract of Sale and thorough evaluation and due diligence of the property is crucial when considering a home. purchase. With the proper basic protections in place, home Purchasers can avoid the ever so many subtle fees, unanticipated living conditions or even lawsuits that do arise. Let us assist you and bring our wealth of knowledge to guide you through every step of this process of “home ownership.”

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It is essential to have experienced Attorneys such as Schubin & Isaacs to provide legal counsel and representation. Ultimately, by hiring an experienced attorney when purchasing any residential real estate, home Purchasers become empowered to save time and money.

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